Cave City Tour

Vardzia cave city and Rabati castle tour ! 

Cave city tour begins with pick up from your Hotel. Head to Southern part of Georgia to discover the town-monastery of Vardzia, absolutely unique sample of rock-cut architecture. Vardzia complex is special for the vertical arrangement of its residential quarters. Next stop Vanis qvabebi: a cave monastery is located in 30 minutes drive from Vardzia. The complex dates from 8th century and consists of a defensive wall built in 1204 and a maze of tunnels running on several levels in the side of the mountain. There are also two churches in the complex.  Afternoon we arrive at magnificent Rabati castle, built in the 9th century. The complex is unique as its architecture represents mix of Asian and European culture. Defensive walls and towers, churches and mosque, gardens and parks, all represent its role in impressive unity of various traditions.       


Itinerary for cave city tour


Programm of a tour:


  • 07.00 Departure from kuTaisi;
  • 11.00 Arrival at Vardzia;
  • 13.00 Varzia sightseeing;
  • 13.30 Arrival at Vanis qvabebi;
  • 16.00 Vanis qvabebi sightseeing;
  • 17.00 Arrival at Rabati castle;
  • 17.30 Rabati castle sightseeing;
  • 10.30Arrival in Kutaisi;






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