Cave City Tour

Vardzia cave city and Uphliscixe cave city tour in Georgia 


Cave city tour begins with pick up from your Hotel. Head to Southern part of Georgia to discover the town-monastery of Vardzia, absolutely unique sample of rock-cut architecture. This is a complex with complicated planning and design, containing lots of premises arranged on thirteen floors provided with sewage and potable water supply systems. Dwelling quarters arranged in suites are united by doorways, lanes and stairs. Vardzia complex is special for the vertical arrangement of its residential quarters. Cave city tour next stop Uphliscixe - remnants of one of the oldest Cities in Georgia, is situated 10 km. from Gori. Ufliscixe construction begun in V-VI century before Jesus birth. Old Town complex consists of buildings constructed from bricks and rooms curved in rocks. The area is surrounded by fortification facilities. Town was inhabited by various Georgian Tribes and used for defense. From outside Ufliscixe looks like a one large  complex harmoniously uniting silhouettes brick and curved in stone buildings.  


Itinerary for cave city tour


Start time



Departure from kuTaisi


Arrival at Vardzia


Varzia, sightseing


Arrival at Uflistsikhe

02.30 - 04.00



Arrival in Kutaisi






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